Wellmore End Cottage Bed & Breakfast Porthleven Cornwall
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Surrounding Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Woodland Cycle and Walking

Penrose has a mixture of woodland wetland and beach walks suitable for all ages and abilities Enjoy a ramble through the bluebell woods followed by a stroll through the Victorian parkland

Enjoy the Flora and Fauna

Please do not pick the flowers. Do not touch fungi Wild life will respond to noise. Walking quietly, especially early mornings, can produced some unexpected encounters such as fox cubs, otters, and even owls. E-book for the area can be found here

Circular Walk

There is a circular walk from Porthleven, along the sea wall, follow the road down past Tye Rock and join the new paths installed due to coastal erosion. The Path lead to Loe bar and Loe Pool. Go through the lodge gate and follow the path following the contours of the pool. This will bring you out at the stable tea rooms near the main house.

Bridal Ways and Cycling

There are many users of the area and cyclists can be inclined to ride quickly. Most will be careful and warn walkers of their approach. Under certain weather conditions paths can be rather muddy. Sensible footwear is advised.

Basic Country Code

Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors. Plan ahead and be prepared follow advice and local signs. Protect the natural environment leaving no trace of your visit and take your litter home Leave gates and property as you find them and follow paths unless wider access is available keep dogs under effective control. Take care when near livestock. Keep your distance, and avoid getting between animals and their young. Keep your dog on a short lead or at your side, and if ponies or cows approach let your dog off the lead. Enjoy the outdoors:
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